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This is one of my cherished memories of our time together in Year 5. It was such a giggle and such a great day! Well done for surviving the gruelling step ups and being squashed under a chair!

Seeing your photos has made me smile. I hope you enjoy my captions...giggle giggle laugh.


We can build it taller than Shelby and Deacon's!
Did you hear that Deacon? We are on a serious mission to beat Eleanor and Hanna!
A little bit to the left Ava! But I can't see!
Keep going Emi! But I have forgotten which number I'm on!
This is impossible Chelsea! Although I could wear these gloves to the party later!
Cossie, the gloves are enormous but do they suit me?
Have you fallen asleep under there Jessica?
One more squeeze Isla and you will fit in!
But I can't see a thing Alfie!
To the to the to the left!
But how can we do this without talking? I love a good chatter Johnny!
A little bit back back up again!
Who is in there again? Are they taking a nap?
Luella, my legs are really aching now!
Deacon, are you peeping?
We need to get fitter for our next football match Sol!
Are your gloves bigger than mine Isla?
I'll you I'll try...but these gloves are impossible!
Space badges are cool to design!
Think I'll design mine colourful.
Help somebody! My legs have turned to jelly!
Francis, I think I will have a peep out of the side of the scarf!
Nearly there the back up again!
Deacon, you are taking this a bit seriously! there anyone under there?
How did you do that Freya? I can't grab hold of a single piece!
Miss Claridge, I can hear snoring!
Lacing a shoe is tricky work ladies!
But I really need to discuss our plan of action Cossie!
Very impressed with your idea Chelsea...think ours will be the tallest!
I'm just going to leave him under there forever!
Our designs will be bright and colourful Robert!
Are you peeping Francis?
We could send our designs off to NASA!
We can build ours even taller Isla!
This is an impossible task did you do that?
My gloves fit more snug Sol, so let me do all the hard work!
Think I will wear these green gloves to the next school disco!
Wakey wakey Eleanor...rise and shine!
It's been ten he taking a nap!
This is hilarious move the cup for me!
I have lost count Johnny!
Up, down, left, right...Miss Akers, you are confusing us!
Hey, I think Deacon has just woken up!
Hey Emi, we could wear our badges to the next school disco!
Why has this gone all bendy Jessica?
I'm so glad I've got the gloves that fit Eleanor!
This is a doddle Shelby...I wear gloves this size all the time!
Can you remember the number we're on Pippa?
Freya, did you say something! Ssh...don't let Miss Claridge know we're talking! there anyone under there!
Easy does it could always have a peep!
Hhmm...a little bit of brown or red Sol?
You send yours to NASA and I'll pin mine to my new Liverpool shirt!
I've always wanted to be a fashion designer...shall we wear them to the school disco?
Cossie, my legs feel like jelly...have you lost count? there anyone there to help me? Where have you gone Robert?
Think I will just leave Johnny under there all day! He probably needs a nap anyway!
My legs are wobbly Alfie...Keep going Ayman!
We can do this girls - ready for all the dancing at the disco!
Up down Emi! Freya are you messing around?
Pippa, it's very dark...are you keeping an eye on the time?
Sol are you trying to talk...have you forgotten the rules! Ok, just whisper!
Are you going to talk through this Franke? Remember the rules!
Listen to me Luella...oh I forgot, we are not meant to talk!
These gloves look quite trendy Francis...think I'll wear them on my next bike ride!
You squeeze in you squeeze in there...shall we both squeeze in there then?
I think this is the design Mae Jemison wore on her spacesuit!
Do you think Valentina Tereshkova would have liked this design? that is a design Buzz Aldrin would be proud of!