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Table Manners!

In Year Two we have all been having lunch together!


Some of the things we have noticed that are important at lunch time are:

  • saying please and thankyou
  • not getting out of your chair or walking/running around the dining hall
  • not talking with your mouth full
  • using your knife and fork correctly
  • trying a bit of everything on your plate
  • having as many vegetables as you can, including taking something from the salad bar too
  • tidying up after ourselves


Please find attached some photos of our fun afternoon where we dined together over delicious pancakes and practiced these skills. We were polite, careful and used our cutlery perfectly, as if we were sitting with Kings and Queens!


Also.. you'll notice some pictures of children trying their best to use cutlery at home, creating some delicious meals and spending lovely quality time with families! Please continue to send these in to for me to share them with the class!