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Teach the Teacher!

Teach the Teacher!

This is a little slot we have every Friday where a child teaches me something! You will know when it is your child's turn when they arrive home with the bright green folder. We just pull the name out of a hat.

This is the letter and template that go with the folder so you can see what you have to do, although this information is also in the folder.



Ophelia has only been with us a for a little while but she told us some pop music related facts really confidently! It was also her birthday today! She told us that....

  • her favourite band...Mcfly..have written over 100 songs
  • Harry Styles of One Direction, his first song was Sign of the Times.
  • David Bowie once had a lollipop thrown at him when he was on stage!
  • On May 13th 2015, Ophelia's birthday, you would find the song Cheerleader at the top of the UK charts!

Sadly that is our last Teach the Teacher slot for this year. I have learnt so many interesting facts this year and I know the class have loved it! It's been really fascinating to see the themes each week.

Next week we begin 'Teach the Children' with Mrs Parker telling us some interesting stuff! Tune in to see what she says! wink


Olivia has waited soooooo long to be in the Teach the Teacher chair! Her facts were all baby related and really interesting!

She told us that....

  • a baby is born somewhere in the world every 3 seconds! We timed a minute and worked out that 20 babies had been born in just one minute!
  • babies are born with 300 bones.....94 more than adults because a lot of them fuse together.
  • babies are not born with kneecaps.....these develop between 3 and 5 months
  • babies can breathe and swallow at the same you get older you can't do it!

Thanks to Olivia for a very interesting Teach the Teacher! cool


This week Dolly had a helper to tell us all about her amazing facts. She bought in Holly...the Pug Dog....a soft toy in case you were wondering!

All her facts were pug related! She told us that...

  • Pugs were originally from China
  • They have a glossy coat and very distinctive features such as a wrinkly muscled face and a curled tail
  • They can live up to 12-15 years.

Thank you Dolly...and Holly...for your interesting facts! Tune in next week for more highlights! cheeky


We are nearly at the end of Teach the Teacher...we have 3 more to go! It still remains a highlight of the week and we learn all sorts of amazing things! This week Megan told us that....

  • A hippo can run at over 30 mph. For such a large animal that seems quite amazing!
  • Snakes have teeth that point backwards so its prey can't escape.
  • Dandelions used to be part of the human diet.
  • The name Tyrannosaurus Rex means King of the tyrant lizard!

Thank you for your amazing facts Megan! Tune in next week for more amazing facts! wink


Shossy sat in the big blue chair on our last day of term. She told us that....

  • While all flags in the world are rectangular, the Nepalese flag is made of two red triangles! We had a look at this flag and it's really lovely to look at....take a look!
  • Mother's Day in the UK is in March but in France it is in May!
  • There is a statue in Japan of a dog called Hatchiko who was very loyal to his owner who went into hospital and he waited outside! We had a look at the statue, it's really quite big!

Thank to Shossy for her lovely facts! laugh


Ailbhe covered a whole range of topics this week! She told us that...

  • The Blue Whale's mouth is big enough to put 100 people inside! It's tongue weighs more than an elephant!
  • The red panda can spend up to 13 hours a day searching for and feeding on bamboo.
  • Your heart is the same size as your fist.
  • Our galaxy is called The Milky Way....also the names of two of my favourite chocs!

Thanks to Ailbhe for her interesting facts! cheeky


Leyla came up with some interesting animal facts. She told us that....

  • Puffins use twigs to scratch their bodies! 
  • Some sharks glow in the dark
  • A grizzly bears bite is strong enough to crush a bowling ball
  • Pigeons can do maths!

That is a lot of interesting ideas! I especially like the twig idea to scratch your back, so the next time I have an itch I can't reach I know what to do!

Thank you Leyla for your interesting facts! laugh


Borys had some very interesting facts to tell us this week! He told us that...

  • hot water freezes quicker than cold water
  • the strongest muscle in the body is the tongue
  • Ants rest for only 8 minutes every  12 hours!
  • I am. is the shortest sentence!

Thank you Borys for your amazing facts! wink


Teddy sat in the chair on Friday and told us that...

  • dogs can sniff at the same time as breathing
  • Messi plays for PSG
  • The Queen has been on the throne for 70 years...hence the platinum jubilee this year.
  • 660,000 people have left Ukraine. (although that number is sadly higher now)

Thank you Teddy for your interesting facts!

Tune in next week for more Teach the Teachesmiley


This week Youssef told us that.....

  • A human can breathe under water for 60 mins!
  • A human tongue is 3.3 inches long
  • The largest animal is the blue whale
  • Water, sun and air are all important for our planet.

Thank you to Youssef for his interesting facts! wink

Oliver W

This week Oliver took to the big blue chair to tell us that....

  • Snails can sleep for 3 years at a time! I think I would like to do that!
  • Ants don't have lungs, they have spiracles
  • A blue whale's tongue is heavier than an elephant!
  • And.....lobsters wee from their faces and turtles breathe from their bottoms! 

Thanks to Oliver for a lot of VERY interesting facts! angel


Malachi started his facts this week with his favourite subject! He told us that....

  • Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider which is why he became Spiderman!
  • A shrimp has his heart in his head!
  • A cat has 32 muscles in each ear
  • one in every 5 people in Africa originate from Nigeria which is where Malach's dad comes from!

Tune in next week for our last Teach the Teacher before half term. laugh


This week Theo was in the blue chair! He told us that

  • Jungle Book, the film ,came out in 1967. It's one of his favourite films!
  • The Dandy comic came out in 1937, 6 months before the Beano.
  • The animal with the most powerful bite is the saltwater crocodile

Thank Theo for your range of interesting facts! Tune in next week for more. wink


On Friday Owen gave us a lesson in looking after our world. This fits in with the school council theme of improving our school and small changes we can make. He told us that....

  • It is estimated there are 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating on the ocean's surface.
  • Solar panels can be powered by moon light as this is sunlight reflected off the moon. We actually had some solar panels put on the school roof in the summer!
  • There are 36 million petrol and diesel cars on the road, releasing carbon dioxide.
  • 20 elephants recently died in Thailand from eating plastic from a rubbish dump.

Thank you Owen for your very insightful facts about our planet, which are sad but true.

Tune in next week for more Teach the Teacher! wink


Frankie took to the chair this Friday to tell us that.....

  • the average dog can understand about 165 words
  • the highest score ever recorded in a professional football match was 149-0! I pity the poor goalkeeper!
  • the rings on an adult mountain goat's horns tell you how old it is
  • the tallest Lego tower was nearly 35 metres tall and built with half a million bricks. Wow! 

Thank you Frankie for a great lot of amazing facts. Tune in next week to see more!cool​​​​​​​

Oliver S

Oliver was our first of 2022  Teach the Teacher to sit in the blue chair! He is a big Top Gear and car fan and he told us that...

  • A modern Formulla 1 car could drive upside down in a tunnel at 120mph without falling down!
  • Sharks have been on the planet for 400 miliion years, about 50 million years longer than trees
  • and my favourite fact of the day.....before trees existed, Earth was covered in giant white mushrooms. They were up to 24 feet tall!

Thank you Oliver for your facts. Tune in next week for more amazing facts! yes


This week Alex sat in the chair. He told us that...

  • there are 71 different types of cat!
  • Mario from Supermario has a birthday on March 10th so when it is written it looks like Mar10!
  • Power rangers collect sporix
  • Citroen cars are 102 years old.

Thank you Alex for your interesting facts! That's it until after Christmas but we will be back for more.......Teach the Teacher in 2022.yes


This week Evie really went to town and told us 8 interesting facts! Here are some of them. She told us that...

  • the best place to see rainbows is in Hawaii! I suggest we all pack our bags and head off and see if this is true!
  • Asia is the biggest continent
  • Elephant poo can be turned into paper. My sister actually had a photo album made out of elephant poo paper and it was great. It didn't smell at all!
  •  Caterpillars have 12 eyes
  • Sharks are afraid of dolphins!

Thanks to Evie for her wonderful mix of facts! Tune in next week for the last Teach the Teacher before Christmas! heart


This week it was all about football! Zayn told us that...

  • Marta Vieira da Silva, a Brazilian female player, has won the FIFA world player of the year 6 times.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo has scored a goal for every minute of a football minute 1...2....3 etc. 
  • Gareth Bale has scored an own goal for Wales and got a yellow card.

Thank you for your interesting facts this week Zayn! wink


This week we had a bit of a History lesson from Jakub! His facts were probably some of the longest I have seen so well done to him for writing them out so well! He told us that...

  • many inventions that changed the world came from the Czech Republic such as sugar cubes, contact lenses, ship propellers and the word 'robot'!
  • There are over 2000 castles in the Czech Republic. Prague castle is the largest medieval castle in the world.
  • Bismark was a German battleship in the Second World War with 2200 crew on board. There were doctors, dentists, tailors, bakers, shoe repairers and cooks. He said it was like a 'floating city'

Thank you to Jakub for his interesting facts which he read beautifully. surprise


This week Aydin gave us a Geography lesson all about Scotland! We learnt that...

  • the national animal of Scotland is the unicorn
  • Edinburgh castle is built on an old volcano and there was a loch at the bottom where they used to drown people they thought were witches!
  • The tallest tree in Scotland is the twisted yew which is 3000 years old. We had a look at this and it is indeed very twisted!
  • Scotland used to be separate from England and was joined to Greenland and America

Thank you Aydin for your truly interesting facts! cool


This week Holly took to the chair. She had a bit of a theme going....can you spot it?

She told us that.....

  • rabbits' teeth never stop growing
  • a rabbit's jump is called a binky (cutish fact ever!)
  • a baby rabbit is called a kitten
  • a rabbit purrs when it is relaxed!

I really did learn a lot today...thanks to Holly for her bunny facts! enlightened


This week Riley sat in the blue chair to teach us something. She started off by counting to 10 in Spanish! She also told us that...

  • Pluto is furthest away from the sun
  • The first Disney character was NOT Mickey Mouse but was actually Oswald the lucky rabbit!
  • and a very topical fact...the largest pumpkin weighed 2703 pounds! You could make a lot of soup with that!

Thank you Riley! Tune in next week for more Teach the Teacher!cool


This week it was Jordan's turn to teach us something new. He did not disappoint! He told us that...

  • there are 2000 thunderstorms on Earth every minute.
  • Eyelashes live for about 150 days before falling out! I find this quite amazing especially as I don't seem to have found any on the ground!
  • A snail can live for up to 3 years. How lovely!

Tune in next week for more amazing facts! laugh


This week Ellie taught us that...

  • dinosaurs first appeared 243 million years ago during the triassic period
  • the planet earth  is not completely spherical, it has a slightly flatter top and bottom!
  • Queen Elizabeth 1 was once imprisoned in The Tower of London when she was 21 years old. Four years later she learnt she was to be queen of England while living at Hatfield House.

Thank to Ellie for her interesting facts! Tune in next week for more Teach the Teacher ideas! blush​​​​​​​


This week Julia told us some interesting things! Here are 3 of them. She told us that...

  • The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world.
  • The mariana trench is the deepest part of the ocean. It is also the darkest part!
  • Amelia Simmons first invented the cupcake. We owe this lady a lot!

Thank you to Julia for her interesting facts! Tune in next week for more Teach the Teacher! wink



It was Alexis's turn to sit in the big blue chair and teach us something. Here are 3 of his facts....

  • Glow worms have a sticky thread that helps them to catch insects.
  • Razor Back Musk turtles are omnivores, which means they eat meat and plants. Alexis told us that he has two of these at home....his is called Timmy and his sister's is called Tina!
  • The word alphabet come from the first 2 letters of the Greek alphabet....alpha and beta! When I was at school we had Maths books which were called Alpha and Beta!

Thank you Alexis for your interesting facts! cool


Adam is the first person this year to tell us some interesting ideas. Although you can do 5 facts I usually just choose 3 of them to go on our page. He told us that......

  • 30 volcanoes erupt each day around the world!
  • A sneeze can travel up to 100mph
  • You can go 10 days without sleep before dying. Please don't try this!

Thank you to Adam for your interesting ideas!

Look out for more TTT next week!cheeky

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