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Teach the Teacher!


Not only was it Joshua's birthday but it was his turn to do Teach the Teacher. Normally I know one of the facts but today I knew....absolutely none of these! Joshua taught us...

  • That there are more horses in Mongolia than people
  • That pigs can't look at the sky
  • That sloths are very good swimmers, especially good on the old backstroke apparently!
  • And my favourite fact of the day....Whales have a tongue that weighs as much as an elephant..a heart the size of a car and blood vessels that are so large you can swim in them. I would rather not thank you!

Thank you Josh for these amazing facts! Tune in next week for....Teach the Teacher! enlightened


How nice that we can still do Teach the Teacher, despite lockdown! 

Bella taught us that....

  • Kangaroos can't walk backwards...or bounce I am guessing!
  • When you sleep you can't smell anything
  • Snails can sleep for up to 3 years. That is a long time!
  • Everyone has a different tongue print. Quite why would need to do this baffles me!
  • And....some lipsticks contain fish scales....yuk!

Thank you Bella for these interesting facts! laugh

​​​​​​​Tune into Zoom for more.....Teach the Teacher!


This week Charlotte had some seasonal facts for us....

  • Reindeer can run at 50 mph
  • Reindeer antlers grow 2 and a half cm every day
  • A group of reindeer are called a herd
  • And........a very interesting fact....Santa is 1,749 years old! That is a lot of candles on a cake!                         Thanks to Charlotte for her interesting facts.

Look out for more Teach the Teacher in 2021!heart


This week Ella sat in the big blue chair and told us...

  • that sloths have more neck bones than a giraffe.
  • a giraffe has a tongue that is 20 inches long
  • that there used to be active volcanos on the moon when dinosaurs roamed the earth
  • Victorian ladies used to wear a corset to pull in their waists....thank goodness those days are over!

Thank you Ella!

Next week will be the last Teach the Teacher before Christmas. It is such a great little slot on our Friday  afternoon and we really do learn.... and remember....lots of interesting things!laugh​​​​​​​


Leo M

On Friday Leo Mustafa took to the teacher's chair to teach us some interesting things. He taught us that...

  • Lego means 'Play well' in Danish. I did actually know this fact as my son is  a HUGE lego fan. It is probably one of the best inventions ever in the world of children's toys!
  • Ciao means hello and goodbye in Italian.
  • The Titanic was 269m long....huge!
  • And.....It is almost impossible to lick your own elbow! I think Leo had a good laugh watching us all have a go. Some people were close but not close enough!

Thanks to Leo for his great information. Look out for more Teach the Teacher next week! yes


This week it was the turn of Mozes in the chair. He taught us...

  • how to say hello and goodbye in hungarian.....szia!
  • how to say school in Hungarian....iscola
  • He told us about the hungarian flag and that the and white mean different things. 
  • He also told us that Hungary lost some of its land after World War 2.

We had a very informative session with Mozes....if you want to go to Hungary Mozes would be a great little tour guide to have!

Thanks to Mozes for his interesting facts.

Watch out for more next week!yes



This week Miss Yates was our teacher! She told us that...

  • The smallest bone in the body is the ear bone. 
  • Your fingernails grow 4x faster than your toenails
  • Earth is the only planet not to be named after a Greek or Roman god
  • And that in Rome they have a whole museum dedicated to pasta....yum yum!

We are really enjoying Teach the Teacher. Each week there is usually one that I know but 4 that I don't! Thanks to Willow for her interesting stuff.

Look out for more Teach the Teacher next week!blush


This week it was Libby's turn to tell us a few interesting things! Here are some of them....

  • Did you know that an armadillo's shell is hard enough to deflect bullets? 
  • She told us that the only word ending in mt is dreamt.
  • She also told us that a marble can bounce higher than a rubber ball on a hard floor. This seems quite amazing to me but Libby said they have tested it out at home. When we get a chance we are going to do this. If you try it I take no responsibility for the marble or your floor cracking!

Thank you Libby for these interesting things! More next week!laugh


This week it was Gen's turn in the teacher's chair! She taught us...

  • that you can make paper from elephant poo and it doesn't smell! I knew this because my sister has a photo album made from elephant poo and I can testify that it doesn't smell!
  • that St Albans used to be called Verulamium
  • that the River Colne is one of the few chalk streams in the country

                                   Thank you Gen for teaching us some new stuff!

 Tune in next week for more interesting things. yes


This  week we had Ellie teaching us some new things....

  • Elephants have as many as 150,000 muscles in their trunks!
  • The sun is 93 million miles away from earth
  • Mercury is shrinking and........
  • My favourite fact was the guinea pigs have 258 bones in their bodies, which is 49 more than humans!!! I wonder where all those bones are?!

Thank you to Ellie for these amazing facts! Tune in next week for more amazing stuff!yes



This week it was Stanley's turn to teach us some new things.....

Did you know that in Tudor times they put marigolds into butter to make it more yellow?

Did you know that baby rabbits are called kittens? I wonder if baby cats are called rabbits?!

We also learn that the Romans were the first people to put their leader's heads on coins to make them look more important.

These were just some of the things that Stanley taught us.

Thank you Stanley!laugh

Tune in next week for more....... Teach the Teacher!


This was week 1 of Teach the Teacher and I truly learnt some new did the rest of Year 2! We learnt....

.....that octopuses have 3 hearts, 9 brains and blue bloood

.....that Romans used wee as mouthwash! (Don't try this at home!)

....that a cumulus cloud can weigh as much as 800 elephants.

Truly amazing stuff. Thank you Tiernan!

Tune in next week for more Teach the Teacher! surprise