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Thurs 7th Jan

Good morning everyone ! 


Remember, this morning's question for discussion is : What was the best food that you had over the holiday ? 


Be ready for our Live Lesson at 10.00am - use the same Zoom code as yesterday - and be ready with your whiteboard and pen, with your Maths book, pencil and ruler standing by for the follow-up activity.


Live Lesson  - Long Division, considering what to do with remainders and how they might influence our final answer to a word problem.

Below are some questions that I would like you to have a go at in your Yellow Maths Book after our Live Lesson.

Then check you answers, purple pen any mistakes and let me know how you got on via email.

Literacy - Reading Comprehension.

Re-read the first pages of Hippolyta and the Curse of the Amazons on Epic. Continue through to the end of P14.


By the time you have read this far, you will have found out a lot of information  about three characters - one of whom is called Molpadia.

In your Green exercise book, put today's date and underline it in the same way you would in school. The title is 'Molpadia', underline this with your ruler.

Using the information in these pages, draw an accurate drawing of the character Molpadia and colour it appropriately, if possible. Label the drawing using the quotes from the text to show the information you have used. There will be some information e.g. about what she is wearing, that you will have to imagine for yourself, or research.

Please send me a photo of your work via email.


Foundation Subject.

On Thursday afternoon we do Computing. Before half term we were learning about Coding and created a game with a timer and scorecard. Some of you completed this, whilst others did not quite get as far as they might have hoped. I have set Free Gorilla as a ToDo in your Purple Mash account. You can develop the idea that you started, or even begin a new game. 

The challenge is to create a game where there is some form of countdown, using the timer. Perhaps at the end of the time there will be a screen that flashes up with Game Over, or the score bursts on to the screen etc. Are there any snippets of code you can add to the scoring device so that if a person get a certain amount, the characters speed up or they score bonus points ???