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4th March - Today is World Book Day!

Story: Mrs Perryman reading The Detective Dog - YouTube

Try some dog craft - watch Paper Dog Hand Puppet - Red Ted Art - Make crafting with kids easy & fun


Dress the 3 Little Pigs - Cut out the clothes sheets in resource pack and decide what each little pig is going to wear. Can you retell the story?

Can you find the things mentioned on this hunt in the pictures of your story books?

Can you find the 6 differences?

Physical Development: Trace around a picture from your favourite book.

25th February

Maths: Mrs Perryman counting Hickory Dickory Dock - YouTube

Letters and Sounds: Repeat of Mrs Perryman Robot oral blending - YouTube

Try Blow Painting - You need watered down paint or food colouring, straws and paper/card (preferably not too absorbant). Practice blowing through the straw first as you don't want to suck! Drip some paint onto the paper and disperse by blowing through the straw. What creatures can you make?  
Story : Mrs Perryman reading Three Billy Goats Gruff - YouTube

Make a bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff to cross

11th February

Maths: Mrs Perryman Finding Opposites - YouTube

Make a circle, triangle and square/rectangle one the floor with tape, or use pieces of paper cut into the shapes. Hunt for small objects around the house and sort into the right shape.

Make some wax crayon rubbings of different textures. Try using the rubbings to make a picture.

4th February

Maths: Mrs Perryman  Maths 10 frame shop - YouTube

Sock match sheet from the resource pack. Cut out and stick/pair together. Practice the 'ssss' sound. You may want to repeat one of the sock activities from 7th January below.

Sound h - Try some hen craft

Physical Development: Use the tracing paper (or baking parchment) to make a tracing of a picture. Take care to follow the lines. Think about pen hold.

Story: Mrs Perryman reading Lucy's Picture - YouTube

28th January

Letters and Sounds: Mrs Perryman 2 Little Fish - f sound - YouTube

Ice Play - Use any shaped containers and add small toys or other objects before freezing overnight. Perhaps try adding food colouring.

Create a den - Put a sheet over a table or between two chairs to create a story den. Put cushions or a blanket inside to make it cosy and share some picture books with your teddies..

21st January

Maths: Mrs Perryman 10 frame and counters 1-10 Missing Numbers - YouTube

Provide grids for your child to fill in. Don't always start at 1.

Letters and Sounds: Using the 2 sheets from your pack (see below) Rhyming Bingo - Mrs Perryman - YouTube

Rhyming Bingo - Cut sheet 1 into strips of three and sheet 2 into individual pictures.

Try some Elmer elephant craft

Story: Mrs Perryman reading Peace at Last - YouTube

14th January

Maths: You need your 5 frame and counters and a dice Maths 5 frame dice roll 6 - YouTube

 Maths: Practice counting skills with Mrs Perryman - 10 Fat Sausages - s sound - YouTube

Make 10 fat sausages from paper, card, sponge or dough and practice counting while singing the rhyme

Story : Mrs Perryman reading Owl Babies - YouTube

7th January

Letters and Sounds - You will need the s and a sheets and pictures from your resource pack.  LS Sound sorting s and a - YouTube


Mrs Perryman singing Stripey Socks - YouTube

'I love my stripey socks        (Change to spotty, fluffy, sporty, batman etc.)

I love my stripey socks

Ooooo I love my stripey socks.

I go my toesies, I'm really glad I chose these

Ooooooo I love my stripey socks.'


Sock Sorting:

Collect lots of socks together in a big bundle.

Match the socks together in pairs and talk about the different patterns, colours, and sizes.

Use language related to length eg. short, long, longer, longest.

Sort into groups and count. How many are stripey socks? Or not stripey? How many blue/sport/long socks are there? 

Practice writing numbers together.

Try making a sock puppet

Fine Motor Skill: Using pegs that need squeezing is good for developing fine motor strength and dexterity. Make a low washing line to peg the socks on in pairs.

Challenge: How many can you peg up in a minute?


Mrs Perryman reading a story - Little Rabbit Foo Foo - YouTube