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Thursday 28th  January

10:30 Zoom Call:

Literacy: Justify responses to a text, using evidence from the text, writing key words correctly.

  • pdf

Please find the relevant chapter for today's Literacy work below in the attachments.


Maths: Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit (2)

  • WS White Rose Maths


French:  Zoo animals

  • Word Mat Zoo Animals
  • WS Zoo Animals French

Finger Eater Ch2 All.mp3

Thursday 21st January

10:30 Zoom Call:


Maths: Divide by 8

  • WS White Rose Maths


Literacy: To create a mini autobiography


It will give you more detailed information on how to write an autobiography.

  • pdf


French: Farm animals in French

  • PPP
  • Worksheets: French Farm Animals
  • Word Mat

Thursday 14th January

10:30 Zoom Call:

Literacy: To write a weather report


Maths: Oak National Academy:

 Understanding multiplication can be completed in any order

The key vocabulary today is commutativity and this lesson will explore how and why multiplications can be completed in any order.


Oak National Academy Worksheet



Pets in French


And fill in the attached Worksheets:

  1. Animals match and say
  2. as tu un animal
  3. Word search

Thursday 7th January

10:30 Zoom Call:

Starter: Alice in Wonderland (text from yesterday) question, children to answer on his or her whiteboard while we are waiting for everyone to join.

Maths via zoom call: Multiplication equal groups


Literacy Oak National Academy

To explore simple sentences

In this lesson, we will recap what a verb is, define a simple sentence as a main clause that makes sense on its own and write our very own simple sentences. For this lesson, you will need an exercise book or some paper and a pencil.


Geography: Oak National Academy

Building Local Knowledge: Europe – What are the countries of Europe?