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Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning everyone !! Remember to bring your whiteboard and pen to our lesson today.

Live Lesson - Maths - 10.00 am

We will continue our work on the area of compound shapes. After the lesson, please choose one of these sets of brain-tingling exercises:

Be warned, the missing length questions in the Zip file are trickier than you think........but I know they won't fool you !

If you cannot access the Zip file, they are posted here separately too.


PS - we think at least one of these answers is incorrect. Can you seek and destroy which ones they are ?
If you would prefer to practise calculating the area of compound shapes like we did in the lesson, try these instead :

Core Subject - Literacy.

Part 1 ( 30 mins) I would like you to write the Story of the Backwards Day ! This will help you to practise your use of the past perfect tense,that we looked at before half term. Read my example below:

By the time I fell, exhausted, into bed last night I had had the most difficult day ever. Dinner had not really been the problem, despite the fact that the dog had jumped up and gobbled up the roast before we could stop him. Before that event, things had already taken several wrong turns. During the afternoon, I had managed to fuse all the lights in the house when I was supposed to have been fixing the electrics.

Please write a short paragraph ( taking approx 30 minutes) that works backwards, explaining a day - remember you can make it up ! The purpose is to use past perfect tense. This describes events in the past, before another event e.g. before getting into bed, I had already had a difficult day, according to the example above. The auxiliary verb 'had' is often a 'helper' here.


Part 2 ( 30 mins) - Please read the attached text ( there are copies available in school) ready for our lesson on Weds.

We are going to be learning about Action Texts. This comes from the Young Bond book 'Hurricane Gold'. In the story, the young James Bond is hidden in a house while a storm rages around. The occupants of the house are being held hostage.


Foundation Subject - Computing - Purple Mash.

Once I have seen your Blog plan, from yesterday, I will assign your access to the 2Blog programme. I would like you to prepare the front page of your Blog. In your Purple Mash account you will find an example Blog that I have started, called Marine Biomes. It will give you some examples of what you might like to include on your front page e.g. hyperlinks to other websites, embedded video.

Your page will need to have :

  • The icon and title of your Blog
  • The introduction to give an overview of your Blog content.
  • Suitable images and graphics
  • Links to other suitable sites.

At the moment, please do not comment on other people's Blogs if you are able to see them.