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Tuesday 23rd February

Literacy Zoom - 11am. Please bring your whiteboard and your pen. Your follow up activity is to write a summary of the plan that the animals came up with. Remember to use a capital letter, full stop, fingers spaces and try to use the conjunction 'and.'

Phonics. This week you will be recapping your split digraphs. Today I would like you to practise the split digraph o-e. I have attached 'The book of o-e' to complete.

Maths - Measuring length. Follow the link to the home learning video and find attached the suggested activity for today. You can measure items in your home using your ruler, your feet or anything else you can find at home! It's completely up to you.

PSHE - Please find today's PSHE lesson attached. You are going to be making a success coin and will be writing about something you are proud of.