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This week's news has contained many images of people protesting in association  with the issue 'Black Lives Matter'. Year 6 have been investigating what it means to protest - either through finding out more about the history of protests or on issues that are important to them now. Below are a selection of their ideas, they show a mature and considered approach. Well done Year 6.

Instruction Writing


Based on the unit of work in the National Academy, Year 6 have been instruction writing this week. Recipes have been a popular choice of this type of writing, with the added benefit that we can now all try out some of these delicious dishes.


This week Lucy has been developing her sketching skills with this exquisite drawing of a crocodile's eye. She has used shading carefully to make it very realistic. Her use of different types of marks - lines, circles and even leaving a tiny gap in the pupil, has made this piece of work very lifelike. Fabulous work Lucy !

Lucy's drawing of a crocodile eye.

Joshua reveals the secret of how to make banana pancakes

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Charlie's Cottage Pie

Kimberley's Heart Wall Art

Matilde's luscious lasagne recipe

Christina's family recipe for Lemon Cake

Adele made a money box

Virtual Sports Day

Sadly, we will not be taking part in our annual Sports Day this year, but Year 6 have not  taken this lying down ! Instead they have been running, jumping, throwing and devising all manner of sporting challenges in their back gardens and family homes. There were medal ceremonies, fierce head-to-head battles for glory and potential medal winning performances - see the coverage below for details of the action. Here is how Isla devised her competition :

This week I have also completed the long project which was super fun, as usual! I had 3 main events; shotput (I used a tennis ball for that!), an obstacle course that included running under things, bouncing a tennis ball and jumping over obstacles and an egg and spoon race (that turned out to be a lime and spoon race! Haha!) 


For the shotput, I measured the throws by feet but not the actual foot measurement, by MY feet!!! I walked in a straight line touching heel to toe to where the ball made it's first bounce. The winner was the person with the most steps.


For the obstacle course, I used time as a measurement. Whoever had completed the course in the shortest amount of time was the winner and the 'loser' was the person who completed it in the longest amount of time.


Finally, for the 'lime' and spoon race, it was whoever could do the most laps around the garden in 1 minute. The winner was the person who completed the most laps. Oh, I almost forgot, if you dropped the lime, you would have 1 lap taken off your final score. (I dropped it several times, so I lost!!!) The winner of each round received a certificate from me and everybody (apart from me) got one!

Year 6 have also been exploring other ideas. There have been bike rides, art work and some excellent descriptive writing as a result of the National Academy lessons.

Remembering VE Day - 8th May 1945

This year it was 75 years since VE Day. For this week's Long Project Year 6 were asked to find out what they could about this important date.

Here are some of their contributions :


Week 6 - thinking about Special Places.

While we are safe at home I find myseolf thinking about all the places I have visited, plan to visit or have visited via a book. I am surprised by how many places I can go to in my head or by looking at photos or talking to my family. Here are a selection of the work you have produced about your Special Places, I learnt a great deal from them.

Sam chose London Colney and gives us a good summary of why it is important to him. Another local place was chosen by Ben , who has discovered that Ellenbrook Fields played a vital role in World War 2.Meanwhile, Charlie has told us about why Turkey is a special place for him and his family. Catharine has produced a detailed map of her holiday to Norway, as well as writing a Shakespearean sonnet - quite a feat. For Joshua, his favourite place means that he gets to see his Grandparents too - I imagine he is really looking forward to seeing them in Christchurch again. Isla chose to investigate a place that she would like to visit in the future one day - the fascinating New York City. Kimberley's account of Madeira is very informative; she has included plenty of geographical language, as well as some delicious food tips and personal experiences. Cornwall was Ruby's destination of choice - she particularly loves body boarding and ice cream ! Matilde porvided some great information about Portugal, including about the famous footballer Ronaldo.

Other creative and interesting pursuits this week have included Hollie making sure that her dog, Willow had a good mud bath on the Heath. Aidan has also had a very creative week doing an indoor scavenger hunt, constructing a domino and marble run and washing the car. I think you may have the start of a good business there Aidan !


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Week 5 ? Is it week 5....I'm losing track of time... ?


I asked you to make some Exploding Books last week, and you are still coming up with some amazing examples. It is really great to see that you are using this time to explore things that interest you.... you never know, this may be the moment that you find something that you want to do for the rest of your life ! One day, you may be a famous botanist, sports commentator, Olympic coach, artist, car designer or travel journalist and look back to realise that this is when that ambition took off.....


You have also been sharing some of the other projects that you have been doing. Alex's garden is going to be a wildlife paradise as he has been updating me with all that he is doing, and he will be releasing these caterpillars, when they have metamorphosised into butterflies, to be the first residents there. Both Hollie and Kyle have researched football, finding out about the history of their favourite teams and thinking about why they enjoy it so much. Adele has been researching more about her interest in horses, it is clear to see how much she has learnt in a year of riding. There has also been more beautiful art work produced, with Christina's image below and Charlie's music. It is good to see that Lucy is keeping up with her times table practice. Charlie H has been much busier thatn he thinks he has... making bird boxes, helping with NHS scrubs and dog walking, as well as learning vital life skills, like how to use the washing machine. It's ironing next Charlie !!

Sam P probably gets the award for 'Most Dramatic Week' as we know that he has had a visit to hospital with his broken finger. Sam, we all hope that you are getting better very soon and please, no more broken bones !

It was wonderful to talk to, and see, so many of you this week. You look like you are thriving and discovering plenty of new talents.


Year 6 are investigating .......

Exploding Books


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Week 4 - plenty of creative ideas...

It seems as if everyone has got into a routine and this is beginning to show in the things you have been sharing with me this week. Thomas has promised me that he is making something out of cardboard boxes. I am curious to know what it will be ??? Isla produced a helpful slide to give advice for those who are finding things tricky - at some point or other I think we could all do with some of these tips. The Giblen family also welcomed new arrivals Fudge and Ginger this week - lucky guinea pigs. Charlie B has been developing his karate skills using Zoom. This is a great way to keep physically and mentally healthy as well as seeing your friends. 

I have always known that we have some talented artists in our class, and in this strange time, art can be one of the ways we can express our ideas. I am also pleased to see people practising their skills. Below are some of the creations Ruby and Kimberley have worked on. They are beautiful reminders of the good things around us.

At Easter we celebrate new life all around us, and especially for Christians, the birth of Jesus. Tania has made a reconstruction of the tomb that would have greeted Jesus' friends on the Sunday, after his death. Imagine their confusion when they saw the stone had been rolled away and they could not find his body. 

I know that many of you are enjoying cooking and learning new skills. Kelsee has been baking again and has made a special cake for her family this week. Matilde made some chocolate chip cookies .I bet they were all delicious !


If you want to see what the teachers get up to when they are not in school. look at the introduction to the class pages.  

Week 3 - holidays ?

 This week should have been the first week of the holiday, but there has been plenty of action in the Year 6 Virtual Classroom. Take a look at what Sam, and his sister, have been up to - the challenge is on to produce a marble run like this one. I love the use of the frying pan !

Like many people in Colney Heath, Catharine and her sister have been decorating stones. If you are out on a walk, you may find some, hidden around the village. A birthday in the Hickson house means that another delicious cake was baked ; I think we would all like a slice of that, please ! Matilde has been making up some dances at home and we look forward to seeing them.

IMG_2525 (1).MOV

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Week 2 - going strong !!!


This week, Josh has been making some delicious American -style pancakes.... it sounded as if they were really tasty. Ben has been taking advantage of the good weather to practice his sketching skills, with this great picture of his house. I know that Aidan has been keeping in touch with his Scout troop, as well as getting out and about on his bike in this glorious weather. Christina has been enjoying more of the Charlie Mackesy book 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse'. Hollie has been making pizza - who else is missing school pizza on Friday  ?- as well as carrying out a project on The Aztecs. This is a fascinating area to learn about, with plenty of chocolate eating opportunities ! It is really good to hear about all these investigations you are carrying out.

Keep sending in some pictures of all that you have been doing.




Ben's house

Thank you for all your hard work this week. Many of you have said that you enjoyed the research project about London. I think you will have plenty of places you will want to visit there when we can all get out and about again. Here are a few photos that you have sent me of what you have been doing - I love seeing them and imagine you had lots of fun. keep them coming !

I will send you some more learning tasks on Monday..... and as a special treat on Monday morning, check out our webpage.

Take care

Mrs C x

Week One...... here we go !