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Wednesday 10th February

Wednesday 10th February

Today is our Whole School Book Day! 

During our zoom session I will be reading you the story 'Doing the Animal Bop', we will also be doing the actions, so please make sure you have some space to move around. 

I appreciate that some of you will prefer the routine of doing the maths and phonics work so I have uploaded these, but do not feel like you have to do everything! Pick and choose the activities that you would like to do so the maths and phonics today is optional!


Book related activities:

♦Animal Sorting activity. - How many legs does each animal have? Cut the images and stick them in the correct box.

♦Make an animal mask using different materials. - You may want to use a paper plate or cardboard? You can decorate it using whatever you have at home e.g. scrap paper, tissue paper, sequins, googly eyes, feathers etc. I have also given you animal mask templates should you wish to use these.

♦Match the animal to the description. - Ask an adult to read the description and then use your phonic knowledge to write the names of the animals to match each description. 

♦Move like different creatures. - What actions will you choose to move like the different creatures? Get your family to join in too!

Mrs Day's Story Time - Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

Mrs Day's Story Time - Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

Something you may want to try..

What is your favourite book? Make a Cosy corner/ Reading den and curl up with your favourite book! smiley

Phonics recap:

Recap digraph 'ee'. Watch the video and then play the rhyming word game below.

Learning to Blend - ee

Maths - session 3

Please watch the session 3 video and then complete the task.