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20th January

MathsMaths 10 frame and cars - YouTube

13th January

Letters and Sounds: Mrs Perryman Robot oral blending - YouTube

Mark making using paint in a ziplock bag. Ensure well sealed! Use a cotton bud or finger to draw.

Story:  Mrs Perryman reading Shark in the Park - YouTube

6th January 

Maths - You will need your 5 frame and 5 cars or other objects Maths 5 frame and cars - YouTube


Letters and Sounds - Make a snake from pasta, cereal hoops, cardboard or anything else you have around and practice saying the sound 'ssssssss'

Go for a hunt about to see what things you can find that begin with the sound 'sss' eg. socks, soap, spaghetti, spade, slugs!

Listening WalkMake a big listening ears headband using the sheet in your resource pack.

This activity can take place inside or outside. Remind your child about the things that good listeners do (keep quiet, have ears and eyes ready). Take a walk around the garden/park/house stopping now and then to ask 'Adam, Adam (your child's name), What Do You Hear?'

Talk about the different sounds they can hear. Can you make the sounds?

(Perhaps a bird, motorbike, wind, plane or washing machine, tap dripping, toilet flushing etc.)

 After the walk, make a list of all the sounds they can remember. The list can be in words or pictures.

Try some of these activities this week.