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Wednesday 24th February

Hello, who has tried their school uniform on  ? I bet you have all grown since you wore it last ! Time to get ready for coming back to school.


Live Lesson - 10.00am - Literacy

Make sure that you have read the Young Bond action text from yesterday , we will be using it to help us with our work today. For the next couple of days we are focussing on 'Action Stories'.

After the lesson, there is a task on this PowerPoint that I would like you to complete. You will need to use groups of three verbs, carefully chosen to convey the sense of action or pace you want, plus appropriate prepositions.


Core Subject - Maths.

Here are some opportunities to practise compound area.

If you feel that you would like further examples of breaking shapes down into rectangles to calculate area then try this:


If you are confident with this and would like further challenge, then try this :




I have set lesson two in the sequence of learning that we started a couple of weeks before the half term holiday.  You will need to log in to again.  If you have forgotten your log in details and password, which was sent to your grown ups as a text message, either email me at or phone the School Office and we will be able to help you.


This weeks lesson features a different song to have a listen to and then see if you can answer the questions.  It may be a song that you have heard before, I am sure it is a song that many of your grown ups will be singing along to! Do you prefer this song to the previous one? Why?  I am really looking forward to hearing what you think when we are all back at school together.