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Wednesday 3rd February

Zoom lesson 11am - please bring your whiteboard and pen!

Maths – using language of positon to solve problems Follow the link to a maths lesson from the Oak National Academy. Your follow up activity is printed.

Each day there will be a new video from Letters and Sounds to introduce an alternative pronunciation of a sound that you have learnt. ‘c mice’ Please find follow up activity in your home learning pack.

This week is children's mental health awareness week. This year's theme is 'Express Yourself.'  This afternoon I would like you and your child to carry out a creative activity that is special to you both. You could spend some time this afternoon doing some baking, making something arty or playing a musical instrument. You could practise some dancing! It's completely up to you. 


Please send in a photo/video of what you decide to you - it can be anything that you enjoy doing together! 

Many thanks,

Miss Insall