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Weds 6th Jan

Happy New Year ! This is not the way I expected to welcome you back to school in 2021, but here we go.......


I am looking forward to seeing you at 10am on our Live Lesson on Zoom. Make sure you are ready with your whiteboard and pen, phone switched off, and ready to learn ! Even if you are unable to join us on-line, you should still be able to do the follow-up work. I look forward to hearing about how you have got on.

You will need your Yellow Maths Book, pencil and ruler to follow-up work after the lesson. Write the date as we would in school, and underline it with your ruler. the TWGBA is long division.


Today's learning is :


Live Lesson - revising Long Division. The follow-up activities to this are :


Fluency check : In your pack is either an Abacus Textbook ( see P59) or a photocopied sheet with long division.

If you feel very confident, you could just do the odd numbered ones ! Check the answers after every few questions. Do your corrections with purple pen.

The answers are below.  


Literacy - Reading Comprehension.


Follow the instructions to log in to Epic.

You have been assigned a book called Hippolyta and the Curse of the Amazons.

There is a quiz that you will need to do after reading the first 4 pages. I will see your results come up on my Teacher Page.


Foundation Subjects

On Wednesday, it is French with Mrs Billing. Here is a game to play to revise the names of animals in French. Bonne chance !


Answers to Day 1 Maths Fluency Long Division P59

Foundation Subject French Game