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Week beginning 11th May

A Big Hello lovely Year 5, I hope you and your family are all well. Thank you so much for sending me your video - I loved it! laugh  It was so lovely to see you all and to see your sunshine smiles - well done everyone!

Please look on Purple Mash everyone as I have worked out how to send and receive emails so you will see a little message from me. To find the emails click on 'tools' on the home page, scroll down and find 'communicating and sharing' and you will see '2Email'. Please use the emails Year 5 for asking me any questions, for sending me your work or if you would like to send me a message to let me know how you are and what you have been up to at home. I am looking forward to hearing from you! 

This week, you will definitely find a virtual field trip to the Amazon Rainforest in the folder. You will also find two activity mats for you to choose your home learning from.

Please complete at least one or two activities every week.

I am thinking of you all Year 5 and I'm sending you a BIG SMILE and a virtual hug today and every day!  (Please email me to let me know how you are) laugh