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Please Keep Scrolling Down laugh


Dear Year 5 and Parents/Carers,

The Year 5 team - Miss Claridge, Mrs Jaeger, Miss Nugent, Mrs Dowling (PPA) and Miss McShane (PE) - would like to welcome you to Year 5 and the new school year! We hope you have all had a fabulous summer and we are all looking forward to seeing the children again and the year ahead. We look forward to a happy and successful year.


Please click on the relevant buttons on the Year 5 class page to find out information to help you with your learning, and to see what we have been up to (more information will be added as the term/year progresses).


It has been so lovely to welcome the children back in school and in the next few weeks, it is vital that they all settle smoothly back to school, re-establish their friendships and return to learning in class. Some of the children are raring to go, whereas others may be a bit worried or feeling a bit unsure. There may be things you want us to know and help you with. We will be giving time and support for these important issues.

Please do get in touch with me if you feel you have important information you wish to share. I will do my best to help you, and your child. We are currently trying to limit the number of people in school, so it will be difficult to see parents on a daily basis. Please use the Year 5 email (below) to communicate with us.

In order for this to be an effective way of communicating with you during this present time, would you please send me an email, from the address you wish me to use, so that I am able to contact you. Please include your child’s name in the subject line so I know who is who and I can add you to my address book laugh.

Please be aware that important information that is relevant for same-day things, e.g. dentist appointments / pick-up arrangements / details about equipment etc, should be notified to the office, as the class email address may not be checked during the working day.

I will try to respond to your emails as soon as possible, and within 48 hours during the working week, even if it is just to arrange a suitable time to talk or give a further response. Please also be aware replies may not be sent overnight or weekends. Thank you for your support with this smiley.

Class email address:



It has been so lovely to welcome the children back to school, and to see their bright and cheerful smiles. We have had a fun couple of days!