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Colney Heath 03



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Tudor Day

Remembrance Day in St. Mark's Church

Year 6 took a tour of Colney Heath village on November 11th, culminating in the church, where they found out a bit more about the men who lost their lives in World War One.

If you come into school, you will be able to see our writing about them.


Inspired by Reading.



Year 6 have been reading the book Wonder by RJ Palacio.Erin was so inspired by this fantastic story that she wrote her own version.


Here it is :


Normal , the number one thing on my list for the summer. Although that will take one million surgeries a year! Hello , I’m Via , and I’m certainly not getting into my . . . how do you say it? Un-normalness. Yes that will do, I wear special face mask , since it’s too risky to go out. I think I could describe it , my mum told me stories every night! She made them up , usually ‘The Medical Mystery’ or something. I didn’t really know what she was on about at the time, until I as got older and she always used to say “…and she became normal once again”. I knew she was trying to make me feel better , but as you can probably tell I am very negative.

Last year , I was in hospital for almost 6 weeks , Mum , Dad and Tracy (my older sister) , stayed by my side despite the fact Tracy had school – I was so grateful. It was like the hospital was our new home. I couldn’t explain it, but when I woke up I felt brand new! It was a horrible shock when I looked in the mirror to find out my face was exactly the same! Terrible isn’t it? Waking up and feeling brand new, then realising you were the same as yesterday.All summer negative vibes (told you I was negative) wiggled through my body , mainly my face. I had three friends, yes only three, even though I’ve been going to school for two years , Summer , Jan and Benny. Benny was one year older than us but we didn’t care , he acted like he was our age , we loved it. I dropped out of school one week ago because the – the talking behind my back - the bullies , you know the usual. My mum and dad decided I should have a tutor since they are always working. Enough about that!

 About me , well , I’m twelve years old and I was born in England – London. I don’t sound posh but that’s only because of my . . . I forgot to say , I have a puppy. Rolo he’s so sweet , he accepts me at least! I guess it’s because he doesn’t know what I am going through. But that’s not a problem , I like it that way. Sometimes I think , what do others think about me? I was so tired this morning , yawning until my mouth stretched so far it hurt, well , that’s what it felt like anyway , I got dressed and put my, on my . . mask. I took Rolo for a walk and as I was walking, all I saw was faces , out of the corner of my eye. More faces , they were all normal and they were all staring. Even a dog was looking and barking at me! One certain girl , she was from my school , Miss Charlotte White , she purposely stuck her nosey , nasty foot out and tripped me up! My mask fell off , and I could have BADLY injured my delicate face. I grabbed my mask not wanting to look back at her disgusting face full of pure evil! And her friends , oh her horrible little minions , torture it was! I am glad I left school , I never want to see her face E-V-E-R again! Un-normal was like my peculiarity! I hated it ,  I wasn’t so proud. My life was like one big surgery , INFACT , my life was one big surgery! It was so horrible , every time my mum said “it’s going to be fine my sweet”. It was total lies and torture! And I looked even worse after , usually most of the surgeries go wrong! My face wasn’t going to get better and I knew that. When I’m sad , mum and dad give me cuddles and treat me like a baby. I love it! It’s so nice to be in the arms of your loved ones for a while. Isn’t it just? I miss granny so, she was so funny! Ever since she died at 78 years old , it’s been so gloomy. She was different you see , she wasn’t normal either. Gran had the same condition as me  - which was nice since we did pretty much everything together. Anyway , back to the point well , I’m not going to end it here , am I!? My goodness though , I couldn’t believe my eyes when people said they wanted to be my friend. Benny , Jan and Summer were so amiable , I think they understood what I was going through. Gran was the only person I knew, who was un-normal , apart from myself. But I started to understand what she meant when she told me everyone’s un-normal , but I didn’t believe her at first. I think I get it now , everyone has their own un-normalness , just not like mine.

Erin Broderick.


Year 6 have been looking at equivalent fractions -and demonstrating a fair amount of Stickability in the process.

To solve this puzzle you had to put equivalent fractions next to one another. Not only did it require a good knowledge of fractions but the children had to discuss and justify their ideas, correct their mistakes and challenge one another's thinking.

Life in Year 6

Class Information September 2016

Harvest Tea. Year 5/6 invited their grandparents for a Harvest Tea.