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Amazon Rainforest

Hello Year 5, I hope you enjoyed the video last week which took you on a journey through the Amazon rainforest. Was you mesmerised by the many things you saw?

With an adult supervising, watch the video below to find out about Howler Monkeys.

The noise they make will surprise you! laugh

Scroll down my lovelies as I have attached the activity mats from last week for you to continue to work from. There are some great activities for you to choose from everyone!

Please remember to keep all your rainforest learning Year 5, as I would love to see it all when we return to school.

Dear Parents and Carers, to ensure safety when watching videos on the internet, would you please supervise your child when watching the video links below. Thank you for your support with helping to keep our children safe online.


 How would you feel if you were trekking through the Amazon and suddenly heard this sound?

What would you do? surprise   What does it remind you of?