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Amazon Rainforest

Hello Year 5, it would be great for you to continue to learn more about the Amazon rainforest so I have attached the activity mats for you to work from. 

There are some great activities for you to choose from everyone!

If you would like to do something creative over the next couple of weeks, you could find an old shoe box and make a rainforest diorama! They are super cool to make!

There are some 'How to make a Diorama Rainforest in a Shoebox' tutorials on youtube if you need ideas, but please make sure an adult is supervising you when watching any youtube videos Year 5 - remember to stay safe online at all times! 

Please remember to keep all your rainforest learning Year 5, as I would love to see it all when we return to school.

(Keep scrolling down for the activity mats and diorama ideas everyone) laugh

Rainforest Dioramas