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Easter Holiday Fun

Hello Year 5! I hope you have enjoyed some of the sunny weather over the weekend and that you and your families are very well. You have made us all very proud with all your hard work over the past two weeks (gosh, has it really been 2 weeks) with your home learning, and with being such superstars at home with helping around the house, and with all the kindness you have shown your family. BRAVO TOUT LE MONDE!

As it would be our Easter break now, we would like to take a break away from our learning on Purple Mash for the next couple of weeks and do something different. Scroll down and you will see below a variety of activities for you to choose from (remember you do not have to complete them all Year 5, just one or two a day if you can). Click on them, have a look, take a read and choose what interests you the most. What do you aspire to be today? – an artist, an author or poet, a dancer, a fitness instructor, a nutritionist, a problem solver, a designer, a linguist (learn a language), a musician, a mathematician, a geographer, a chef, an historian, a scientist....'The World is your Oyster Year 5, and you are the Pearl.'

I would love to hear from you and see what you have been up to so please send me a photo to the school email address and I will be sure to receive it. I have also put some maths activities on here for you to complete…and I will continue to add more as the week progresses so please keep visiting our class page for updates and changes. I've even got some yummy science planned involving 'Chocolate Moons' which I will add soon. Above all Year 5, please continue with your daily reading as you have all made so much progress this year which you can all build upon. Click on the BLUE highlighted 'myOn' link on the Easter Bingo grid to read something new or loose yourself while listening to a story inside your 'den'. Visit the link below:


Audible are currently offering free access to a fantastic set of audiobooks for children.


Keep Smiling everyone, remember your good deeds around the house and most importantly, kindness to everyone and good behaviour at home!

You are all superheroes Year 5….I am missing you all lots and sending you all a BIG SMILE! Keep washing those hands! Miss C