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Mrs Perryman sings 5 Hot Cross Buns

5 Hot Cross Buns rhyme

Watch the Let’s Celebrate video collection for Easter

Make an Easter garden like the one in the video

Make some eggs numbered 1-10 (or beyond)

Take it in turns to hide your home made numbered eggs around the garden (or house).

Start the hunt and each time an egg is found add it to the egg number line in the correct order.

Ask questions as you go along: How many eggs have you collected? What is the largest number? What number comes after number 3? What number are you missing?

You could set a timer to see how long it takes each time you try.

Make an Easter Chick card

 You could start with a paper plate, a pizza base or cardboard from a cereal box. There are lots of ideas online.

Watch an episode of Come Outside