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Make a cress caterpillar - Mia made one in an egg box or you could use egg shells. Just put wet cotton wool inside and sprinkle with cress seeds. Keep damp and in a sunny spot.

Or try some grass heads/creatures - Mix some compost with grass seed and put inside the foot of an old pair of tights or a container.

Try this for a fun snack

Ice play - Use any containers and put flowers, small toys or other objects inside before freezing overnight

Sensory play is very important for young children. A basin/trug/bucket filled with different tactile materials and some containers and spoons can keep children engrossed for ages. Try: Citrus fruit slices in water, shredded paper in water, chopped up vegetables in water, jelly, shaving foam, dried rice and beans, cooked spaghetti... ... ...  squeeze, squash, press, pulp, slimy, squishy, crusty, smooth, slippery.

Mrs Perryman sings Growing Everyday and flower craft activity

Try painting with different sized toy cars and trucks

Send a hug to someone you are missing

Make a house for little people or an animal from a large milk or detergent bottle

Make a life size picture of yourself and label body parts

Label body parts - Draw round a body on some wallpaper, a large piece of cardboard or whatever you can find! Colour/paint and cut out. See how many body parts your child can name and write them down. It is a good time to introduce new language. Think beyond arm and leg and talk about shoulder, elbow, wrist, thigh, calf, ankle etc. You could even talk about what is on the inside of our bodies such as brain, bones, lungs and heart. You can write all your body words directly onto the picture or use postits or blutack strips of paper onto the relevant part. Can you child remember the body parts a few days later?

Try drawing with a candle (press hard) then paint over

Sequencing letters in a name

Make individual letter cards/bottle tops for each letter of your child's first name. Remember you need to write a capital for the first letter and lower case for the rest. Muddle them up and then practice sequencing the letters in the right order.

Bottle Skittles

Save empty plastic bottles of any shape. Start with 1 and add more as time goes on. You can decorate with watered down paint by swirling different colours around the inside or use stickers etc. Put some sand/soil or dried rice inside the bottle to weigh the base down a little. If you don't have a soft ball make one from a rolled up sock. Take turns to try and knock your skittles over and write down how many points you got.

Object Colour Hunt

Set a timer on your phone or cooker for 10 minutes. Start the search for items of your chosen colour (obviously not too big!). When the time is up carefully count how many items you found. Make an arrangement or picture with your items. Talk with your child about the differences in colour ie. light, dark, pale, bright, navy blue, sky blue, baby blue. Try a different colour another day. 

Make a flower picture using bubble wrap printing

Make some pictures outside like the artist Andy Goldsworthy