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Punctuation and inverted commas

Learn how to use inverted commas to punctuate speech.

This daily lesson includes:

  • two videos

  • three activities


Hello Year 5, when you are completing activity 2, feel free to choose an animal of your choice or you could use some of the rainforest animals I have put in the attached folder.

For activity 3, you will need to choose your challenge from the menu - remember our menu choices:-

starter (one star), main (two stars) or dessert (three stars).

You will find the stars at the bottom of the sheets.

A big smile is being sent from me to you today! Don't forget to do something nice today and to eat something nice today! I am thinking of you all and hope you are all okay!

Don't forget to do some reading today Year 5 or you could snuggle down and enjoy a story being read to you - have a look in the reading folder.

More than anything, remember kindness and your good deed around the house today!