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Friday 15th Jan


It's Music Friday ......Every Friday we enter the classroom especially quietly and listen to a piece of music, chosen by one of us. We talk about it and then vote on it to give us an average score. We have a Wall of Fame - the top spot is currently occupied by Believer by Imagine Dragons.

Who is chosing this morning's music ? What will you give it out of 10 ?

Live Lesson - Literacy

This morning in our lesson we will be doing some shared writing. You will need to bring to the lesson, your whiteboard and pen, plus the notes you made on the place in your house. I will be using the notes we made about the dining room table.


After the lesson, you will need to:

 - edit what is on your whiteboard, check full stops, capitals, commas and spellings. Have you got a 'Pointless' sentence ?

 - write the date in your green book, use the title 'My whatever your writing is about' and underline.

- write your first section into your book.

- continue your writing to create a detailed description of this place. See the Success Criteria below to know what I am looking for.


Here are two grids to give you ideas about how to improve your writing :


Core Lesson - Maths.

Please continue to work on fluency in recognising the equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages. Use work on previous pages - convert it to Snap, play dominoes or Pairs to help your child become really fluent in these skills.

An on-line Pairs game, the level of difficulty can be altered:


Here are additional reasoning activities:


Foundation Subject - PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education).

What makes a balanced life style ?

Oak National Academy lesson :


PE with Miss McShane.

Get ready at 2.30 to join in live.

Zoom code, the same as last week.