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Week beginning 11th Jan

Click on each day to find out the learning for the day. Here is a timetable to provide an overview of the week. As in school, this may change in reaction to how the learning is going. Remember, do what you can.... I am not suggesting all of these should be completed !

The following activities are offered in addition to those suggested for each day.


Life Skills

Learn to touch type - an invaluable skill for working with a keyboard :


Learn to cook something tasty and healthy .... can you roast a chicken ?


Curriculum Areas to investigate

Develop your art skills with some cartoon drawing :


Learn a new song or just find an old favourite to lift the spirits


Take a tour of the Natural History Museum : dive into the life of a blue whale, stroll among fantastic beasts or discover something new about the world. Create a page, similar to our ones on Pandora, to describe the wonders you have found.


Get active with Sports Week, featuring British Olympians


Maths Activities

How far do you dare to go ?  Play Risky


Ten in Ten