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Thursday 14th January

Good morning campers! I hope you had a good sleep and are ready for a new day. Most of all I hope you are well, happy and being good for your parents. So on the menu today....

Spelling This worksheet practices some common exception words that we have learnt.

Maths I have put the next 2 Elephant Maths at the bottom,,,numbers 7 (today) and 8 (tomorrow) In our lesson today we are going to talk about times tables and multiples.  You have a 5x table sheet in your pack. Cut out the boxes, mix them up and reorder them. Make sure you have your whiteboard and pen ready. Then you can do the worksheet at the bottom.

Reading This is the next part of The Bear and the Piano. Write the answers in your red book...especially the ordering. This is a good chance to practise your handwriting. I have put a link on there you can click on to hear the rest of the story.

RE Last week we looked at the first part of the Lord's Prayer because we are learning about how people thank God. This looks at the next part. You don't need to print off the sheet, just do this in your red book!

I hope all that makes sense!

And finally....

What kind of vegetable likes to jump?

A spring onion!! blush


RE The Lord's prayer 2

Bear and Piano Day 1 2 3and 4

Elephant Maths 7 and 8

Multiple Maths sheet

Common Exception spellings