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Mrs Otway's weekly snapshot of the week (Week beginning 14..9.20)

It's been another busy week in year 2! 

Reading.....when the children came back in September they all had to 'Adopt a Book'. They were given a book that they had to get to know really well, it also matched their peg label. This was designed to get them into books from day 1. We have taken pictures of them, with their books, so have a look under class events. There is also information about books on here under reading so have a wee look at recommended books for year 2.....many of them are their peg labels.

Maths....we have been learning about 3 digit numbers and how to 'make' them using our dienes and place value cards....ask your child about these. Children often get numbers confused that look the same eg 116/161. We are also still counting in 2s and 10s.

Writing...we are still looking at Journey by Aaron Becker and we wrote a little bit about the child in the story going through the red door.....again....ask your child!

Science..In science we are looking at the purpose and suitability of materials...two big words...but we are year 2 after all!

Just a wee idea of just some of the things we have done this week.....Over and out until next time!

Mrs Otway's Weekly Snap shot Week 1 (7.9.20)

This week we have....

Maths...looked at place value and used a range of equipment to 'make' numbers. We also counted in 2s and 10s and used money to do this.

English....we have started looking at a book called Journey. There are no words but wonderful pics. Ask your child about it.

In spelling we are learning how to spell words with dge in them such as bridge and fridge. The spellings we are doing are now on our class page under curriculum so you could have a wee look and practice some at home. dge is a sound...3 letters, so tricky stuff!

Geography...we have started learning the countries of the UK and their capital cities, plus the surrounding seas and oceans.

Art....we have stated learning about an artist called Henri Rousseau.


It's been a busy old week!