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Friday 22nd January

Start your day the musical way......


Live Lesson - Maths - 10.00am

Today we will be briefly revising yesterday's work on finding basic percentages ( 50%, 25%,etc), before we calculate 10% and 1% and how we can use these to find other percentages.

At the end of this lesson, there is a sheet to practice with, titled Percenatges of Amounts. There are three levels on here :

Page 1 - to practice multiples of 10 e.g 70 % and multiples of 1 e.g. 8%

Page 2 - a few of the above, then numbers combining a multiple of 10 and 1s e.g. 13%

Page 3 - a few of the ones from page 2, plus calculating %s that require decimals.


Choose the page that enables you to develop your skill independently, you do not need to do all of them.


If you are confident with all aspects of the above, try these word problems


Core Subject - Literacy

Earlier this week, you composed a weather report. Today, I would like you to write a brief news report, that might be presented on TV, about the arrival of The Windrush.

 I would like you to imagine you are a reporter waiting on the quayside as the boat docks. You present a short section of news describing what you can see and perhaps interviewing some of the people as they arrive. Below is an example of a news report to give you some ideas, along with the Success Criteria of what I am looking for.

Use the information from yesterday's text, plus any other research you may like to do.


Please email me your writing before 6pm this evening, especially if you did not send me any writing last week.






Foundation Subject - RE.

We are going to continue our work on the Dalai Lama - leader of Buddhists.


What qualities do you feel a leader needs ? Try to choose the five most important qualities.

How does the Dalai Lama fulfil these for Buddhists who follow him ?


If you could ask the Dalai Lama 5 questions, what would they be ?