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Friday 22nd January

Happy Friday morning everyone! The weekend is here so I suggest you, and your parents, have a bit of a rest from home learning!  I have seen some lovely work from a lot of you. I especially enjoyed reading your memories!

Today we have Joshua doing Teach the Teacher which I am really looking forward to. On the menu today....

Reading PLEASE keep reading. I have seen on Epic that most of you are reading something. In fact, as a class you have read 294 books. Well done!

Spelling Please complete the rest of the ear/ur/ir/or  Phoneme spotter

Elephant maths 13 (Put on here yesterday)

Maths If you have finished the things I have given you this week, have a go at the crisp pictogram at the bottom.

You might also have some other work to finish, such as your Geography work and your Science meal.

Art This is from Mrs Dowling! It is making a Zine! A what? Yes....a zine. Follow the instructions at the bottom and send me a pic of anything you do so I can show her!

Have a good weekend my little people. I really do like seeing you on Zoom each day but it's not quite the same as being in class.

And of course....

What food goes well with a jacket potato?

A button mushroom!!! cheeky

Instructions for Zine

Mrs Dowling's Art Idea

Crisp pictogram