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Friday 29th Jan


it's Friday.... time for some music !


Live Lesson - 10.00am - Maths.

Today we will review the Maths Arithmetic Test. Please make sure that you have done it, and marked it before today's lesson.

We will be looking at multiplying fractions, plus any other questions you would like me to go over. Please be prepared to let me know which ones you would like me to explain, you can email me if you prefer.


On Monday, we will be starting a new sequence about different fiction genres or types of story. Below are covers from three different genres of fiction. Can you guess what type of story they are from their covers ?


You do not need to do any writing, but on Monday, you will need to be able to talk about the type of writing you might find in these types of book :

  • Adventure stories e.g. Young Bond
  • Science fiction stories e.g. Cosmic
  • Historical-based stories e.g. Goodnight Mr Tom 
  • Mystery stories. e.g The Nowhere Emporium
  • Fantasy stories e.g. The Hobbit,
  • Animal stories e.g. Charlotte's Web
  • Comedy stories e.g. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

You can think about what the characters are like, where it is set, the type of vocabulary you would find in the text and what the story line is likely to involve. Do not worry if you have not read books from all of these genres, but if there is a type you really enjoy e.g. comedy stories, be prepared to talk about them, even if you cannot contribute very much about science fiction.

Foundation Subject - DT

When we return to school, we will be using templates and patterns to create our cushion. This afternoon, you can have some fun with this template. It makes a 3D shark !!

Come and collect some card from school to make this model. You can decorate it.

For an added challenge, adapt the template to create your own creature. e.g what would you have to change in order to create a dolphin or a bird ?