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Week beginning 25th January

Year 6 timetable

Here are some ideas of things to try :


Life Skills.

The Great Year 6 Egg Off ! Being able to prepare a simple, but nutritious, meal from eggs is a really valuable skill. Come and ( socially distanced) collect 2 eggs from school.

Make a simple dish using your eggs, and present it beautifully. Take a photo and send it to school.

Here are some recipe ideas, you may need to adjust the quantities:


Care for the environment -  Make a bird feeder for the feathered friends who visit your garden.  We have seed and fat available in school so that you can make a bird cake (the seed in school does contain nuts). Use the recipe below. Observe the birds closely and practise identifying them, in preparation for a challenge coming up shortly.


Curriculum Ideas.

Art -  have a go at making a Zine......Go on, you know you are intrigued to find out what they are.... !


Geography/Science - take a tour of the London Aquarium and see the creatures that inhabit our oceans


Watch how currents affect fish and coral on this reef in the Cayman Islands: