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Friday 29th January

Happy Friday morning everyone! I hope you are all well and raring to go for the weekend! This week I have seen some super work from most of you. I have seen.....

Homophone descriptions....Elephant maths....bird writing from the people at school....videos of weather reports and much much more! You have been working brilliantly and your parents of course so please turn round and thank them!  Today we have Grace's Teach the Teacher so I am really looking forward to it!!

So on the menu today....

Elephant Maths 18 (put on yesterday)

Spelling Homophone wordsearch

Literacy Finish your Trinidad fact file from yesterday and if you haven't done it yet, your room description.

Art idea from Mrs Dowling.

No dotted line today because some of this is finishing off.

Mrs Parker mentioned the RSPB bird watching sheet and this weekend you are being encouraged to go out and count birds! I have put the explanation sheet on here for you to use this weekend, if you want it, as well as the identification sheet.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I will see you on Monday.

And finally....

What has lots of legs and smells nice?

A scentipede!!! crying



Homophone wordsearch

Art. Sketching different types of lines with varying thickness.