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Friday 5th February

Happy Friday morning Year 2! We have all survived another week of lockdown learning so well done to you....and your lovely parents of course!  I am looking forward to seeing your lovely things for our Zoom today.On the menu today..

Elephant Maths 21

Spellings Finish off any 5  a Day spellings

English Finish your This is me booklet from yesterday. Try and include a list in there for your friends like we practised yesterday.

Use today to finish off any Geography work about Asia, your music sheet about a favourite song and any bits of maths you might like to finish off.


Maths This is called Piggy Bank Maths and is an optional sheet if you need something extra to give your child. it is about making combinations of money....with a bit of a catch!

Art idea from Mrs Dowling

Have a great weekend everyone...I think we are getting some snow!

And finally....

What is a frog's favourite shoe?

Open toad sandals!! laugh

Piggy Bank Maths

Mrs Dowling's Art Idea