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Friday 5th February

Live Lesson - Literacy.

Today we will be looking at the character description of Uncle Montague. During the lesson we will be collecting the information about him - both what is detailed and what is inferred - and after the lesson, you will use this to write a description of him.

Please bring a whiteboard and pen, and the text Uncle Montague's House. See PowerPoint below the Maths to help with ideas.


Core Subject - Maths.

We are going to take a break from line graphs, and have a go at this investigation about Bar Charts and Pictograms. You may like to attempt this investigation with a friend, as there is a lot to discuss.

As you tackle this problem remember :

  • What do you know ? Can you write on any of the charts to help you ?
  • Where do you start ? Do you have to start with the first chart ?
  • What is the first thing you can state with certainty ?
  • Be prepared to try out lots of 'It might be......' ideas... and be prepared to go wrong !

Parents, you will see there is a 'Getting Started' tab at the side of the page, plus the Teachers' Resources, both of which may give helpful hints, rather than just giving the answer.

Foundation Subject - History

In Key Stage 2, we have a choice of which History topics we learn. As a school, we decide which ones we would like to cover, however, there are other equally interesting topics that we could have learned.

In the Summer Term we will be learning about Ancient Greece, so I request that you do not choose this option.


On the page below, in Oak National, are a series of History topics. You may choose one of these that interests you. Do not watch all of the lessons in one go, but you could investigate this over the next few weeks, and of course, carry out any other research  that interests you. Some of them may be unknown to you, or you may choose to do further investigation about a topic that you have previously covered.


I would really like to hear about anything you find out.

Here is an alternative Foundation Subject idea, you do not have to do both :


Art with Mrs Dowling.

I know that some of you have had a sneak preview of Mrs Dowling's Art Lessons on your younger brothers' and sisters' pages. She is busy filming sketching lessons for each class. Our turn will come, but in the meantime, why not revise your Year 5 sketching skills by following her Year 5 lesson here :