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Week beginning 1st February



How many of these beautiful birds did you spot in your garden this weekend ?

Don't forget to send your data to the RSPB Great Garden Bird Watch


We might also use it in the next few days as part of our Maths lesson, so keep it handy.


Life Skills

This week it is Children's Mental Health Week. It is really important to be able to express how you are feeling honestly and to a trusted person. It is also vital to recognise people who make you feel good, and let them know.

Your task here is to be able to explain to someone how you feel on one day. We are all very good at saying 'I'm fine', sometimes without even thinking about how we really feel. Perhaps we really are feeling a bit tired or lethargic, maybe we are worried or nervous. It is also perfectly acceptable to say we are feeling good, relaxed and cheerful. It sometimes helps to think of a number 1-10. Describe your feelings in more detail than 'happy', 'sad' or just 'fine'.


Give someone a compliment - observe or think carefully about someone in your family, or a friend. What do they do that they are really good at ? When did you last let them know ?

You could start with, their name, then say what you like and give a reason for it:


'Dad, I really enjoy your cooking. It's so tasty and you put a lot of effort into making it for us'.


' Sam, you are a great friend. You make me laugh, and that makes me feel so happy, even when I am feeling a bit grumpy.'


Curriculum Links

Science -   as part of your work with Mrs Billing, about inheritance and evolution, take a look at these investigations that you could do at home.

Art - 3D sculpture - last year, we learned about Henry Moore, and his sculptures. Here are some ideas for sculpture projects using recycling materials you will probably have at home.

     Virtual Z


Virtual Zoo Tour  - Chester Zoo is one of the best zoos in the country for conservation work. Join them on Friday for a virtual tour of the zoo.

This week's timetable

This week's home learning.