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Friday 5th February

Friday 5th February

Zoom Phonics follow-up activity:

Recap the sounds qu, th, ch, sh, ng, ai, ee, igh. Read the words in the pdf file and then write some sentences containing these words.


Please find these printouts in your home learning pack, practise saying and writing the tricky words.

Maths - session 5

Please watch the session 5 video and then complete the task.

Mrs Day's Story Time - Little Grey Donkey

Mrs Day's Story Time - Little Grey Donkey

Be Brave - Be Brave like the Little grey Donkey. He swallowed his fears and did lots of new things. 

What are you going to be brave enough to do today? Perhaps you will take your stabilisers off your bike? Or go down a big slide? Or have a go at climbing a tree?

Remember to bounce back after difficulties and persist even when challenges occur - Keep on trying and be proud of your achievements!

Something you may want to try..