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Friday 5th March

                                                                  It's Friday !!


Here we go, the final Friday of Remote Learning..... time for a dance.


Live Lesson - Science - 10.00am

We are going to discuss the Science work that you have been doing with Mrs Billing about the work of conservationist Rachel Carson.

I would like us to be able to talk about :

  • Who was Rachel Carson and why was she important ?
  • What happened as a result of her work ?
  • What do you think we should be doing in our school or community ?
  • What could you do in your home ?

Please come ready to talk about what you have found out or ideas you have on this subject.


Core Subject - Maths.

Here is a game that will help you sharpen up your Arithmetic skills before we come back to school. Below are the instructions for Build An Army. We have played this in class before - children, you will need to help your parents prepare the game. The instructions make it sound more complicated than it is !

Once you have read the first slide, skip down to Slide 9 for Instructions to get ready for the game. The slides after this will enable you to play the game.

If you wish to think more about strategy, or how to simplify the game, then go back to slides 2-8 and play it again !

Your final afternoon of Remote Learning !

For your final session before you return to school, I would like you to do any of the following :

  • go outside - ride a bike, go for a walk
  • read a book - curl up somewhere comfy with a good book and get lost in it
  • bake something delicious - enjoy a tasty feast
  • be creative - do something artistic or musical to create a piece of art
  • follow an interest - perhaps continue that History project, complete your Blog or find out more about how to help the environment
  • help someone - do the hoovering, chat to your Grandparents on Zoom or tidy up the socks in the airing cupboard

Do anything, but try not to involve a screen.....