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Friday 8th January

Goooooood morning everyone. I hope you are all well today and keeping the bugs at bay! It was lovely to see so many of you on Zoom yesterday. You are all doing well with your time telling. If you want to send me anything you have done I am happy to have a look and send you a message back. I have already had quite a bit of work sent in...well done everyone!

So on the menu today.....

Reading. Keep reading something. It could be Epic, I see a few of you have been on there, which is great. 

Spelling. The sheet at the bottom is all about 'soft c' This in a c that sounds like an s eg You could do the sheet in your red book. Ask an adult to test you on the words in the Lockdown pack. Remember, if you get one wrong to try and find a way to learn it. At the back of your pack there is a sheet about spellings with lots of different ideas to help you remember them.

Maths. After the Zoom today you could have a go at some of the 5 minute times on Time Match Up2. Plus...if you get really good.... there is a pick...use....draw...check sheet to have a go at. 

Writing We are still learning to use when/because as they improve our sentence structure. I have another sheet at the bottom based on Augustus again but includes description. The sheet tells you what to do. You could write these in your red book.

It is probably lunch time so go and eat something to refuel you!


PM. D and T I am not sure how doable this is so feel free to ignore this and go out for a walk! If we had been at school we were going to turn all the boxes you bought in into a cart/trolley/wheelbarrow!  It's a bit hard to do but I know there are many creative types in the class so I am going to leave it up to you. You could use any sort of box, plus lids for the wheels. I did have all this ready to rock today at school but of course it is all a little tricky. Send me in any pictures if you do this.....and if you don't....get out for some fresh air and a bit of exercise. We have to be adaptable in these times!


Well.....we have survived the first 3 days. Well done to you lovely children and especially your parents. I know this is difficult and please do NOT worry....whatever you do is good. Even if you do a little of what I set, all will be well! 

Have a good weekend. I am off to keep an eye on my 84 yr old mum!

Let's end with something funny....

What kind of monkey floats through the air?

A baballoon!!surprise


Augustus sentences

Soft c spelling sheet