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White Rose Activities and Video link in separate MATHS folder 

30 min TT Rock Stars



Set on Purple Mash or on our class website (below)



Set on Purple Mash or on our class website (below)

Extra Resources for Purple Mash or extra lesson links

Friday 17 July Literacy & PE

Friday 10 July Literacy & PE

Literacy: These are unique times. In the future, this will be a significant historic event and people will find it interesting to learn about your everyday activities during this period.

Keep a diary and record your experiences.

You could write down some of things you eat, activities you do, as well as your thoughts, reflections and feelings.


PE: Hip Hop


This week, we'd like you to create your own Hip Hop routine.
First, dance along to our video to get you moving and grooving and give you some ideas. Now it's time to create your your very own Hip Hop routine. Use the video for inspiration, create something totally wacky and unique, or just dance along with us. Use the music as your backing track or choose one of your favourite pieces of music. Have loads of fun practicing your routine, you can even get your family members involved!

Friday 3 July Literacy & PE


Literacy: Killer Cat

Design a new front cover for the story. 

Think about:

  • what information is needed?
  • how are you going to  make it attractive so people will want to read it?
  • Don’t forget the blub for the back of the book. Make sure that you can summarise the main events in 4 sentences! But don’t give away the ending!



PE: Streetjazz Toolkit

Our Street-dance combinations are designed to challenge children's motor skills and their memory.

Simply arrange the children in a space, play the movie and enjoy!


Picture 1

For the Literacy ppp - you need to download it and after you open it you need to click "enable editing", otherwise you won't be able to listen to my recordings!

Friday 26 June Literacy & PE

Literacy: Write a character description of your worst pirate. Add a lot of interesting vocabulary. Check a thesaurus for synonyms of “boring” words! Use similes to show us how he/she looks and behaves.

Draw you pirate and label it!


PE: IMOVE : Rhythm and Beat Challenge

Popping and Locking activity to really challenge the children's motor and memory skills. Children can perform this activity standing behind their chairs in the classroom or home. Simply follow the movie and get active!

Picture 1
Picture 1

Friday 19 June Literacy & PE

Literacy: Written Activity (Pirate Cruncher) -choose one activity


PE: Try these activities and time yourself. How long did it take you to finish the entire course. If it is too hard, start with half of each activity and each day add 2 more. How long did it take you at the beginning of the week? How long at the end? Did you improve?

Friday 12 th June Literacy & PE

Literacy: Think of all the books you have had a good look at over this week, for our Book Bingo activities, which one was your absolute favourite? Choose ONE (one only!! Yes, I’m serious ONE!) and fill in the attached “Book review template”


PE (Wildlife Yoga)

Wildlife Yoga – Don’t forget to send me pictures of you doing some of the Wildlife Yoga moves!

Friday 5th June Literacy & RE

Literacy: Character Description: Write a character description

In this lesson, we are going to plan and write a character description on a villain.


RE: Who was Jesus?

In this lesson you will be learning about the life, teachings and death of Jesus. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil for this lesson.

Friday 22nd May - Literacy & RE


Literacy: Character Description: Write a character description

In this lesson, we are going to plan and write a character description on a superhero.


RE: What is Eid ul Adha

Eid ul-Adha ( 'Festival of Sacrifice' ) is one of the most important festivals in the Muslim calendar. The festival remembers the prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son when God ordered him to.

Friday 15th May - Literacy & RE
Friday 8th May - RE

Types of Lines - Math help for Types of Angles task

Ordering Angles by size

Ordering Angles by size 1