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To Do Before Our Live Lesson

Hello Year 5, well done yesterday for all your writing of expanded noun phrases. I have put them on yesterday's page, so you can go back and remind yourself of what an expanded noun phrase is. Now compare your sentences with the class ones, and do some editing if you need to.

Check the structure of your expanded noun phrases. Do they have  'adjective, adjective noun with  ___________________' structure. Check your full stops, capital letters, commas and spellings.


This morning we will be doing some shared writing. Please have with you your whiteboard and pen, expanded noun phrases from yesterday, and your thought shower about the place in your house. Write the date and title 'My _________'.


After the lesson, you will need to:

  • edit what is on your whiteboard, check full stops, capitals, commas and spellings
  • write what is on your whiteboard into your book
  • continue your writing to create a detailed description of this place
  • proofread your writing carefully


See the Steps to Success below to know what I am looking for.

Remember the adjectives mat from yesterday and the word mats in your pack to help you. 


Please send me this piece of work Year 5, as I am looking forward to reading the figurative language I know you are capable of. Remember the power of the words everyone! yes 


Steps to Success

In your writing today, these are the things I am looking for.

  • Use detailed descriptions for at least one area of your place
  • Include at least two expanded noun phrases 
  • Use a variety of simple, compound and complex sentences in my writing
  • Full stops and capital letters in the correct places
  • Commas before a co-ordinating conjunction (FANBOYS) and after a sub-ordinate clause
  • ADDSPICE and adverbial phrases to begin my sentences
  • Use High Class Vocabulary (seek out more powerful synonyms for verbs and adjectives)

Our Shared Writing from today for you to look at

Amongst all of the rooms in my home, the kitchen is the busiest and happiest place to be. It is a hub of excitement and laughter. Every moment of every day, the senses come alive from the chatter of talk, clanking of saucepans, aroma of delights freshly baked from the oven and clinking of glasses. I have never been much of a chef, although my brother and I have been known to muster up some delicacies while fooling around a bit in the kitchen.

The kitchen has dark brown, wooden cabinets with two double doors. These cabinets are filled with dishes, cups and bowls on one side and spices on the other. To the right, below the cabinet doors is the highly polished, sink with extendable taps. There are generally dirty dishes in the sink just begging to be washed. The sink is surrounded by a forlorn stove to the left and a dish rack to the right.


I will now finish my writing too! laugh