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Yesterday you read Chapters 2 and 3 from 'Coming to England'.

What can you infer (say) about Floella's childhood growing up in Trinidad?

Activity 1

Answer these questions in your book. Remember to use evidence from the text in your answers.


1:  Why were the children encouraged to be British even though they were in Trinidad?

2:  How do you think Floella feels about life in Trinidad? Why?

3:  If you were going to interview Floella Benjamin what three questions would you ask her?

4:  Write a short paragraph to summarise what you have learned so far about Floella's childhood.



Activity 2

Read Chapter 6 - Coming to England

Read the extract carefully, and then answer the reading comprehension questions. Remember to find the evidence from the text. 

When we meet tomorrow we will share some of your thoughts and feelings about what you have read.

Happy Reading Everyone!