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In Chapter 6 'Coming to England' we learn Floella and her older sister Sandra have to stay with an 'Auntie' and 'Uncle' while Marmie and Dardie were in England.

  • Write one of Floella's letters to Marmie.
  • Remember how Floella and her sister were treated and what she would like to say to her Marmie and Dardie.
  • Look at the example letter to help you know how to write it.
  • Look at the Steps to Success so you know what I am looking for in your writing today.
  • Remember to use some events (evidence) from Chapter 6, but do not copy sentences straight from the book.
  • Be imaginative in your writing today!
  • Edit and improve your writing - This is really important Year 5!
  • Use the special paper to redraft your letter if you want to.


Happy Writing Today Year 5.

Please send me this piece of writing