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Before today's lesson, re-read the articles below about The Windrush to remind yourselves of this historic event. A journalist will always include information in their introduction answering the 5W's. Think about what you have read and try to answer them.

Who - who is is about?

When - when did it happen? (date)

What - what happened?

Why - why did it happen?

Where - where did it happen?     



Today we are going to become journalists.



Do you remember your weather reports? Today, we are going to write a news report about the arrival of The Windrush.

I would like you to imagine you are a reporter waiting on the quayside as the ship docks. In your news report, you need to describe what you can see and perhaps interview some of the people as they leave the ship. 

Use the information from last Friday's articles (which are attached for you to read again), plus any other research you may like to do.


Below you will find the Steps to Success - what I am looking for in your writing today.

There is also some newspaper writing templates for you to use if you wish. The word document is editable so you can have fun designing your own newspaper article.


This piece of writing will be continued tomorrow Year 5, so please don't rush. 


Please email me your writing when you have finished, especially if you did not send me any writing last week.