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Multistep problems - Click on the link below


Learn how to solve addition and subtraction word problems.

This lesson includes:

  • two summary slideshows
  • one video
  • one practise activity


Hello Year 5, I hope you are all well today. The practise activity sheets do not need to be printed out as you can work from the screen on paper. You can number each word problem (see how to do this by looking at the activity sheet with 3 stars) and copy the sorting sheet on paper. You can then sort them using the number for each word problem. The activity sheets are organised into varying difficulties just like when we choose our menu choices in class - starter (one star), main (two stars) and desert (three stars) so choose the activity sheet carefully and remember to challenge yourself today. When you have sorted them, have a go at solving some of the word problems. Good Luck and I am passing you a BIG SMILE today!