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White Rose Activities and Video link in separate MATHS folder 

30 min TT Rock Stars



30 min Lexia


Art/ French

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Monday 13 July Literacy & Art

Literacy: Comprehension

Listen (read by Ms Feind) and read along to the description of the Ashwinder, Baselisks and Mackled Malaclaw and answer the questions



Draw a self-portrait: We haven’t had a change of a class group photo, therefore I would like to ask you to draw a self-portrait. Watch this clip and have a look at the ppp, both will help you with the proportions and seat yourself in front of a mirror and off you go…



Mackled Malaclaw.mp3

Monday 6 July Literacy & Art


Literacy : Find all the pairs of words (synonyms) in the grid. There is one odd one out. Which word is it?

Try creating sets of words by adding one or more extra synonyms to each pair?

Can you think of a synonym for each word?


Art Appreciation: How many famous works of art can you think of? Let’s look at different examples and try to create your own.

Monday 29 June 2020 Literacy & DT

Literacy: Killer Cat

  • Listen to chapter 1 and 2 (read by Ms Feind)
  • create a story map
  • answer the questions


Art/ DT

Create a prehistoric home using twigs, leaves and bones (made from clay or salt-dough) See attached photos and instructions. You can also use your own research from last week’s history lesson!

Salt dough recipe video:

Monday 22 June Literacy & Art


Literacy:  How many conjunctions can you hear in this clip? Listen to my recording (Taken from page 78)


Art: Drawing Skills: How can we use texture to make our drawings more interesting?

In this lesson we will first learn how to use our pencil to create interesting textures before creating a drawing of a view from a window.

Monday 15th June Literacy & DT

Literacy: Spelling Challenge (Pirate Cruncher)

How many words can you make by adding suffixes or prefixes to these roots?  How many different suffixes or prefixes can you add to the same root?  How many different words can you make from the same root adding both a suffix and a prefix?


DT: Make your own bird’s nest.

Monday 8th June Literacy & Art


Literacy: Reading Bingo: Look at Bingo Board 1: In your house, find a book you have read that fits the description on each of the squares/categories. Write the “Title” and “Author” (see example below) for EACH square/category on your Bingo Board 1.


A book that has a dragon as a character.

Title: The boy who grew dragons.

Author: Andy Shepherd

A book by a woman

Title: Famous Five

Author: Enid Blyton


Art: The Wildlife Trust - Design a bird

Monday 1st June Literacy & Art

Literacy: Character Description: Reading Comprehension – Word meaning

In this lesson, we are going to explore the meaning of words using character descriptions.


Art: Texture Treasure Hunt

In this lesson, we will learn about texture and collect rubbings of textured objects to make an artwork.

Monday 18th May Literacy & French


Literacy: Character Description: Reading Comprehension – Fact retrieval

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to retrieve information using a character description.


French:  Birds, bugs and beasts class clips

Birds, bugs and beasts class clips

Word Search

Work Sheet Matching

Monday 11th May - Literacy & French

Clothes in French

Monday 4th May - French - LINK

Literacy Monday 27th April

Literacy 20th April 2020 - Mammoth Fact sheet to be used together with the Purple Mash task

Check on Epic as well, I have assigned several books about mammoths for you.

Art - Monday 20th April 2020 - How to draw a woolly mammoth

23 March 2020 - Literacy & Art