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Monday 11th Jan

Good morning everyone ! I hope you had a good weekend. If you log in to our Live Lesson from about 9.45, we can hear what you have been up to. I would love to find out about where you have been for some exercise this weekend.

Here are some photos from my walk this weekend - it was very frosty, but when I saw the bud on this plant it gave me hope that Spring is on the way.



Live Lesson - 10.00am - Maths - Percentages.

We are going to revise what a percentage is, and how we can turn simple fractions into percentages.

It may be useful to look at this Powerpoint before the lesson if you have time, or you can look at it afterwards if you would like extra practice:


Here is the follow up work for this lesson. Please do not do all of these today, continue with them over Monday and Tuesday.

I suggest children have a go at some of Step One, if the first few are too easy, skip to the end. If your child wishes to do the whole sheet to give them extra practice, that is fine.Step Two should give slightly trickier questions involving changing fractions into percentages.

If your child has done these both of these stages, the Reasoning problems can be tackled on Tuesday.

Core lesson - Literacy.

You will need to read the extract below from 'Coming to England'.  We will be referring to this document for the next couple of days, so it is vital that you read it carefully and have it nearby.  I will place 10 paper copies outside of school if you need one.  If you come to collect one and there are none available, pop in to the Office who will copy you one.


Read the Foreword and up to the sentence on Page 4 : ' Our car was parked under the house'.


This section is all about the importance of memories and how vivid they are to us. In the next few days we are going to be thinking about the memories that we have, and how we can use these to describe familiar places.


When you have read the passage, and it is a convenient time, find a member of your family ( it could even be someone you can talk to over Zoom) to discuss these ideas with :

  • Tell me about where you live.
  • Have you always lived in the same place ? If so, has it changed in any way ?
  • What did you like to play when you were younger ?
  • What did you like to eat whe you were younger ? Do you still like these foods or has that changed ?
  • Where did you like to go when you were younger ? Has that changed ?      


Take note of what they say, don't try to write it all down, but make sure you note any descriptions of colours, feelings, smells, textures, sounds etc. These are the most important things to remember. We will use this in our writing tomorrow.



This term we will be learning about how fossils and animals change over time.  The first lesson introduces you to the Theory of Evolution. This lesson comes from the Oak Academy and you will need some paper and a pen or pencil as there are questions throughout and a quiz at the end of the lesson. 


You might also decide to start a two page spread, where you could add all you have learnt each week.