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Monday 18th January

Good morning everyone ! It's another amazing day on Planet Earth ....



I am really enjoying watching 'A Perfect Planet' on TV, it is fantastic.  Last night it was all about the weather. Here is the trailer :

Try to catch up with this episode, as it may inspire you for our writing later this week.


Live Lesson - Literacy (10.00am on Zoom - same code as usual).

Make sure you have with you :

  • Your writing about the place in your house - make sure that you have responded to purple pen comments.
  • A copy of the Darkness and Light extract from the book 'Coming to England'  - see below. There are also paper copies available from the school office if needed. We will be using this extract for approx 3 days.

We will be reviewing your writing and then sharing some reading comprehension. You will complete this after the lesson ends

Core Lesson - Maths

Before we move on to our next aspect of work on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (FDP), I would like you to have the chance to either :

  • become more fluent in being able to recognise equivalent FDP. You should be able to: quickly recognise common fractions e.g. 1/2, 0.25 and 75%; change other FDP e.g. 0.33 = 33 %=33/100; use your knowledge of equivalent fractions to convert them into decimals or percentages e.g. 4/5 = 80/100 = 80 %= 0.8.
  • apply your knowledge and skill in reasoning problems.


Choose which aspect you wish to improve. You should be able to do either of these independently.


Return to the resources on last week's pages. Select an activity that will help you.


Below is another fluency game, if you would like something different :

If you have not yet managed the 'Mucky Mark Book' or 'Top Marks' activity , from Friday, these are excellent Reasoning activities. If you have done these, you could create your own example.


Foundation Subject - Science

I hope you are enjoying our new topic.  This week is another Science lesson from the Oak National Academy. In this lesson you will be finding out how fossils are formed and how these fossils can support Darwin's Theory of Evolution.