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Monday 18th January

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a good weekend and a good rest. I actually saw a bit of snow on Saturday morning so maybe you were able to make a teeny tiny snowball! 

So on the menu today....

Timetable I have put the new timetable on here so you can see what we are doing and when we are doing it. It also shows the focus for the Zoom calls. Always have your whiteboard and pen ready!

Elephant Maths 9 10 and 11 are on here for the next 3 days.

Spelling This week we are looking at adding -ing. There are some different rules to learn but we start simply today. Sheet at the bottom.

Maths This week we are looking at pictograms...block graphs...tables and tallies. In case you are wondering what they all are I have done you an explanation sheet called What on Earth Are You Talking About? Just in case you want a wee idea of what all these terms are.

Do the cupcake pictogram at the bottom.

Literacy Our new topic is based on  book called Coming to England. In fact, the whole school are looking at this book. Today we are just looking at the front cover. Sheet at the bottom.

Geography We are continuing to learn about continents, so it is another lesson from National Oak Academy. BEFORE this lesson you might like to recap the 7 continent names. I would like you to complete the map I have put on here. I have left this in the office to be collected if you can't print at home.

WARNING! I found the lesson a bit confusing as half way through you need to look at a short video about Europe. Here's my advice.....Don't have full screen...then you can close video...go to next....then go to resume.

You might want to do this lesson over 2 days.

PE Don't forget at 1.45 Miss Mcshane is doing a lesson. You should have been sent the new code!

I feel we need something funny.....

Why did the clown go to the doctor?

He felt a little funny!!laugh


Cupcake Pictogram sheet

Coming to England Front Cover Work

Elephant Maths 9 10 11

Continent map

Adding ing to words ending in y