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Monday 1st February

Happy Monday morning peeps! I hope you all had a nice weekend..a bit of rest....and are raring to go for another week!

This week is Children's Mental Health Week so with that in mind some of the things to do this week are based on that, including the art idea to do today.

So on the menu today...

Elephant Maths 19 20 21 This is for today, Wednesday and Friday. On the other 2 days this week I have been given some fluency games that I would like you to have a go at.

Maths This week is all about! Today we are looking at the value of coins in our Zoom lesson and there is an Oak National lesson to watch which starts off the week nice and simply. You really need some coins for this week-toy money is fine but real coins are even better.

Revisiting the value of coins: Comparing value (

I have also put the worksheet the teacher uses at the bottom if you want to use it. Your child should find it very easy but lets start slowly!

English This week is our last week looking at the book Coming to England. Floella was part of the Windrush generation. I would like you to try and find something out about this event. I have given you some questions to try and answer and a handy BBC website.


Spelling This week I am revising. You have 5 A Day spelling to do. I have put the whole week on here as it was easier but only do 5 each day. Remember if your child gets a spelling wrong, they must find a way to learn how to spell it. (Ideas in pack given to you)

PE with Miss Mcshane at 1.45 Don't forget her PE idea.

And finally......On Friday we are going to have a bit of show and tell about something you have made that has made you happy. It could be a model (I know some people have made carts) a lego model...sewing...drawing....baking..... anything you like that has made you smile.cheeky Mrs Lee and I will also show something. Everyone will get about 20-30 seconds to show something!

Remember that you are all doing a great job and just do as much work as you can, please don't worry if you don't complete everything!

And for your parents probably!

What is a foot doctor's favourite part of Christmas dinner?

Sage and bunion stuffing!!!! laugh

Coming to England Windrush Research

Elephant Maths 19 20 21

Money Sheet to accompany lesson (optional)